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Optimised for the FM, Security & Cleaning industries, PeopleHours is the ideal application for companies seeking to upgrade their old systems and new businesses's alike.

Take Control and Reduce Costs. Managing your staff is no simple matter. Traditionally relying on manual time sheets to report time and attendance is time consuming and often produces inaccurate results.

In most organisations creating duties and maintaining schedules is typically achieved with paper based or out-dated IT systems. These systems are prone to errors and typically require considerable effort to manage.

A set of features and data for each department within your organisation all connect to provide tools for the business. Controlled and accurate.​​

Monthly rental terms available providing ultra low cost and no setup fees.

Ideal for new businesses. 

Real Time Monitoring

WorkMonitor - a dashboard view of all time and attendance activity.


SMS & Email - Notifications delivered immediately to multiple recipients for missed T&A events or roster changes


Reports -  Run on demand or schedule email delivery options


Alerts - Roster change alerts direct to effected employees via SMS or dedicated app


​Features for Ops Management

  • Powerful staff scheduling tools

    • Create complex recurring shift patterns easily

    • Auto allocate staff based on multiple criteria:

  • Training, qualification, availability, ​equipment etc

  • Full employee and contract location database

    • Equipment, uniform & key register​

  • Record staff activity

    • Holiday, sickness, training 

  • Real-time attendance monitoring

  • Roster change alerts direct to employees

  • Email rosters to all staff with ease 

  • Staff location tracking when booking on duty

    • Geo-fencing and proof of presence T&A checks

  • Self service employee app

  • Regional or global organised views

  • Comprehensive reporting options

Features for Accounts

  • Create simple or complex pay and billing rules

    • Paid and unpaid breaks

    • Overtime

    • Allowances

  • Public holiday adjustments for pay and bill

  • Site or employee based pay

  • Amend individual duties

    • Change pay, bill or hours as required​

  • Full audit of all changes made.​

  • Comprehensive reporting options

  • Data export to 3rd party payroll & billing systems

Features for HR

  • Full employee database

  • Track and record holiday

  • Record staff activity

    • Holiday, sickness, training, qualifications

  • Attendance & management reports

  • Send messages to individual or all employees

  • Real time interfacing with external agencies such as the SIA

  • Record uniform and equipment issued

  • GDPR compliance

Features for IT

  • No hardware.

    • It's a cloud solution, no software to install or update, no physical phone lines, full VoIP ​service.

  • Business Continuity ensuring Up-Time, all the time.

    • Multiple services with multiple separate organisations ensuring the highest levels of service reliability

  • First class support, no ticketing systems or call queues.

    • On going training provided one to one, in person or online.

    • Regular open days and events

  • Continual development and free updates

  • User feedback welcomed and implemented

  • Comprehensive user manuals

  • Connect all your internal departments to the same data

  • Upload documents for employee and contract records

  • Fully compliant with many specific industry requirements

  • GDPR compliant

  • Bulk data import service to assist with migration

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