& The Training

Low staff turnover and continuous training results in outstanding levels of service delivered to our clients.

Staff training is continuous & bespoke for each member of each department.

Training sessions are conducted regularly including examinations of past incidents managed for our clients. These sessions are conducted one to one & include reviewing call recordings and incident reports filed for clients.


Regular rehearsals of business continuity procedures such as back-up generator deployment or switching failed services (broadband, voice comm's etc) to stand-by systems.

Marcus Kerr

Experienced in both front line & director level provision of security service delivery. Previously a founding director of a highly successful national manned guarding company.


Marcus has experience in many aspects of the industry including personal responsibility for the companies control room facility & a high security safety deposit centre.

Karen Reeves

Experience in managing all financial aspects of a national security company.


Karen applies her knowledge to both Gallinet & the pay & billing requirements of its clients, a key source of knowledge and advice for the developers of our PeopleHours™ scheduling system.

David Cottee

Responsible for all technical aspects of our services & our PeopleHours scheduling system.


Previously responsible for one of the largest national security providers control room he draws on this experience whilst managing the software support and application development continuing to take the application forward.


Kevin Hannaford

Responsible for all operational aspects of our Control Room and Vetting services.


Kevin has over twenty six years’ experience at various levels of Customer Service and Control Room facility management during his career, within a wide range of industries including financial, public transport and security

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Chelsea Sudlow

After beginning her career in the Travel sector and gaining vital security industry experience in both Gallinet’s Vetting department and Control Room facility, Chelsea’s role within the business has evolved.
As well as overseeing sales and client relations, Chelsea also uses her qualifications in administration and bookkeeping to assist with the day-to-day running of the business and accounting.