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Provide clients with the proof of service they require.

Schedule & track patrol rounds & asset inspections quickly and easily.

Fully integrated with PeopleHours or available as a stand alone solution.

Using low cost RFID tags and smartphones reduce the usual costs of such systems significantly.


No propriety hardware required. Use your preferred tag supplier & employees own smartphone 

Ease of Use

Simple yet powerful scheduling features can create complex recurring patrols easily & quickly


GPS tracking of patrol rounds and geo-fencing provides proof of service delivery



Employees can raise & report incidents with attached photos & automated scheduled report delivery to clients or managers.


Live alerts warn employees if patrol points have been missed & prompt for reasons if patrols cannot be completed.

real time

All activity is recorded in real time. Controllers & managers can access patrol activity live & from anywhere.



Assign billing values to patrol rounds, property & asset visits to easily & quickly produce invoices for duties performed.


Public holiday multipliers & comprehensive  reporting options as standard.


Upgrade from "dumb" reading devices that can perhaps "beep" to modern  smartphone systems that provide detailed feedback both to & from the user on site.

Assign actions to tags to provide additional information or request the user perform a specific task or fill in a form.

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