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Sample Reports

The examples below are a few of the 750+ default reports that can be generated by PeopleHours and it's module applications.


Bespoke reports can also be created to cater for individual client requirements or direct import into 3rd party applications. 

Billing - Detailing billing and revenue for hours worked by onsite staff.

Check & Employee Welfare Calls - A record of all employee welfare calls made or missed and escalated. Reports include CLI and Geo-Location information for proof of presence.

Duties & Schedules - Detailing scheduling information, by location, post, employee, date etc.

Employees - Full HR details for all employees, current, left or in pre-employment vetting and screening

Equipment - Details all equipment & uniform issued to assignment location or employees with review and inspection dates for auditing and H&S compliance.

Hours Worked - Roster & schedule information by employee or location including T&A details.

Incidents - Incidents occurring on assignment including photographic records and actions taken by controllers. 

Assignment Locations- Full details for all contract locations.

Patrols - Details RFID patrols scheduled, conducted or missed including incidents and reasons for any missed patrols or key points.

Payroll -  Gross payroll reports for final processing by 3rd party applications or departments.

Profitability - Gross profitability reports using pay & billing with T&A hours worked data to calculate ​gross profits.

Scheduling- Duties and events scheduled against employees & locations including training, holiday, sickness, travel etc

Employee Sickness- Full sickness and attendance records for employees.


Linked Documents -  Detailing all documents linked to assignments and employees with review dates and audit of changes made. 

Vetting & Screening - Details the progress and current state of employee pre-employment vetting & screening.

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