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Account Locked

Forgotten Password & Account Disabled

In the event of a your forgetting your password the following procedure applies:

The security of clients data stored within PeopleHours™ is naturally taken very seriously and as a result user accounts will automatically be disabled following the repeated use of  incorrect passwords or other suspicious account activity.


If when attempting to log on you receive a message stating that this has occurred you can reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password button on the log on page.


This will send an e-mail to the address registered with the account which will contain a web link which when followed will allow the password to be reset by the user.


(Note: The link will expire after 30 minutes)

The above procedure requires that an e-mail address that you can access is registered with the user account. If the reset mail is not received check that it is not being blocked by any mail filters that you may be using. Allow up to 10 minutes for the e-mail to arrive, then…

Where you enter your own company name at the main log on screen

You will need to contact your own manager or system administrator to reactivate your account.

Gallinet staff cannot perform this service.*

Where you enter “Gallinet” at the main log on screen

Gallinet’s support department can reset lost passwords during office hours only on receipt of *written authorisation from one your company's authorised PeopleHours users.


*Note: If administration passwords have been forgotten *written authorisation requires e-mails from company registered domains or faxed company headed paper.


NOTE: Gallinet Controllers do not have access to reset any passwords.

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