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One mouse click away

Just a mouse click transfers your control room monitoring service to Gallinet's professional controllers immediately.

All duties pending and incidents in progress are immediately passed to Gallinet.

Power Cut or flood?

Should your office or control room facility become unavailable for any reason Gallinet's is always on standby and boasts comprehensive up-time systems to ensure an always on service.

Our NSI Gold accredited control room forms part or all of your own BC plan. 


Be it recruitment issues, sickness, self isolating or simply annual leave transferring your Control Room functions to Gallinet can get you past any short term stress.

Increased Work

Short term increased operational requirements can be easily managed by passing some or all of the workload to Gallinet. 


Business Continuity

Ad-Hoc, On Demand & Easy


Cloud solution, no software to install or update, no physical phone lines, full VoIP ​service


Up-Time, all the time.

Multiple services with multiple separate organisations ensuring the highest levels of service reliability

Man with Mask

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Groucutt Street, Coseley

West Midlands

Tel: 01384-237 333

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