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June 30, 2020

New PeopleHours Version Released

New version of PeopleHours & TelMe released.

  • Broadcast Duties

    • Duties can now be broadcast to your workforce as available allowing them to register their interest in working by viewing a list of duties.

    • Schedulers can then select from all qualifying responses and allocate employees accordingly.

    • Duties can be broadcast individually or in bulk, to specific employees or groups as required.

    • Notifications are sent to employees when allocated.

  • Enhanced WorkMonitor in TelMe

    • Supervisors and Managers now have access to greater options when using WorkMonitor in the field.

    • Duty times and employee allocations can all be changed out in the field allowing for far easier management of schedules.    

January 09, 2020

New Features added - Employee Confirm Duties

Schedulers can now mark duties or work events as requiring confirmation by on site employees.

Employees can mark duties as confirmed from within their TelMe phone app.

September 03, 2019

New TelMe Feature - Digital ID Card

The issues with ID cards are numerous and often bothersome, so we have added a digital version to our TelMe app:
•Removing the costs of consumables such as pouches, clips & photographs.
•Removing the logistical efforts of yearly reissue of cards and collection from Ex-employees.
•Removing the need for ID card printers that are so often faulty.


The digital version is:
•Always up to date with changes in the employee status being reflected instantly.
•Secure, it can’t be copied, lost or changed.
•Live data details if the holder is on duty at the time of presentation.
•Managers can update ID photos easily in the field.
•Employer Company logo and contact details included.

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